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Converse Nguyễn Chí Thanh shoes shop

If you were looking for a place to purchase Converse, Adidas or Nike shoes in Hue city, you are at the right place.

Nguyễn Chí Thanh shoes shop offers a large selection of sneakers, trainees, shoes for sport and leisure.


Managed by a charming lady named Quynh, discover her collection.


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Sip on a drink at le Petit Café Tay Ninh

Le Petit Café is a tiny and modern coffee shop from Tay Ninh city. It features a series of individual tables with elegant chairs that, even though are placed very close to one another, still offer privacy. It’s a design that encourages social behavior but that also respects its clients’ intimacy.


If you can order coffees, teas, it also offers different kind of smoothies but also frozen desserts, Candy Floss and cakes.


Where is it located? At just a few minutes away from the supermarket Coopmart, Le Petit Café is close to A Paris Bakery and Sundaes House.


If it’s a small establishment, the ambience is good and relaxing, the staff is friendly.

Where to Eat the Best Sushi in Saigon?

In many ways, sushi bars and restaurants have become the ultimate high-roller dining experience in Ho Chi Minh. The past decade has seen the city’s Japanese cuisine ranks swell with a wave of excellent Sushi&Sashimi spots and a rising tide of truly talented chefs.

Selection of Sashimi from Ichiba sushi


Here is the Megavina Top 3 of the best Japanese restaurants

Ichiba Sushi Saigon

Cost: Sushi maki : 128.000vnd – 198.000vnd (USD6 – USD9.30) – Sushi Creative Boat: 468.000vnd – 1.288.000vnd (USD22 – USD61) – Nigiri : 48.000vnd – 198.000vnd (USD2.26 – USD9.30)

Why It’s Great: Ichiba Sushi restaurant is the perfect combination of a modern sushi bar, with an occidental touch and a lounge-like ambiance featuring house music in a multi-level space. Decoration is amazing! Service is smooth but unobtrusive, which helps you focus on bites of Gyuniku, Sashimi, Sushi, Ika Yaki (Grilled Calmar)…

Location: Opposite to Pham Ngu Lao Park

Ichiba Sushi Restaurant Saigon

Tokyo Deli Le Thanh Ton
Cost: Menu from 89,000VND to 198,000VND, a-la-carte from 35,000VND to 287,000VND

Why It’s Great: Welcoming is very attentive, staff is friendly and particularly polite, food is succulent. You should ask to lunch or dinner on the first level in a traditional room, you will have to take your shoes off!

Location: Just a few minutes walking from Ben Thanh Market, close to Une journée à Paris

Tokyo Deli Sushi Le Thanh Ton

Inaho Restaurant
Cost: from 100.000vnd – 800.000vnd

Why It’s Great: If you love eating Kaminabe (cooking on paper), Inaho is the perfect place to taste an amazing selection of delicate and fresh dishes. Most of the clients are Japanese, it could mean that the cuisine offered is good, right?

Location: Close to Norfolk hotel and Pizza 4P’s restaurant

Inaho Japanese restaurant